Empowering Teams in the Public Sector

In the ever-changing environment of the public sector, which is facing a skills shortage (over 130,000 workers missing by 2030) and changing work requirements due to digitalisation, Moodtalk is proving to be a crucial tool to successfully collaborate and ensure the desired service for citizens.

By integrating AI-driven analytics and a systematic approach, Moodtalk not only improves team dynamics and communication, but also meets the demands of the digital age, making it an indispensable component for operational efficiency and helping to overcome the unique challenges of the public sector.

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Empowering teams in the public sector with Moodtalk

Moodtalk uniquely addresses the challenges of the public sector by combining transparency through AI-powered analytics tools with ease of use for needs-based organisational development.

This innovative approach not only boosts team performance, communication and employee wellbeing, but also meets the digital and flexible working preferences of different generations.

Moodtalk is playing a crucial role in modernising the sector and appealing to the new wave of talent in the public sector.

Needs-orientated team development

All teams are different and have different needs. Today, standardised approaches are often used, which are often rejected by teams. Moodtalk does things differently: our software analyses the needs and maturity level of teams and tailors team development to each team. This approach significantly increases the effectiveness and acceptance of team development and leads to a 5x faster achievement of objectives.

Successful collaboration

All municipalities, cities, cantons and federal administrations are dealing with the changes in the working environment of the public sector as a result of digitalisation. Moodtalk ensures that organisations gain clarity on how they can work together successfully under new circumstances in order to achieve their goals and ensure positive team dynamics. This is done in a targeted manner and requires little time on the part of employees.

Why now ?

The process of change brought about by digitalisation continues unabated and the shortage of skilled workers is a reality. In the coming years, the efficiency margins in the public sector will be tightened even further, which will demand a lot from managers and employees.

Invest in your teams now and ensure that the organisation is optimally positioned to successfully master these challenges. Instead of flying blind to these challenges and making costly mistakes, Moodtalk gives you access to the largest database for organisational development and allows you to learn from other successful organisations in the public sector.


The structure of the Team Charter gives us clarity on roles and responsibilities and how we can actively improve Mood in the team.

Anne Bode, Head of Division, CSS

Through the Team Charter, we are finally talking clearly about how we do things. This clarity is crucial to establishing a sustainable corporate culture.

Yannick Blättler, CEO, NEOVISO AG

With Moodtalk, we have much more structured and fixed communication than we had before.

Nadia Kubli, Team Leader, Sanitas Krankenversicherung

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get started?

When you sign up for Moodtalk, you start by creating the team charter and setting up the first mood talk. Moodtalk Support will help you set up with the necessary guidance and personal support if you have any questions. For advanced team development features, check out our Moodtalk Plus and Enterprise plans.

Can I change the team size?

Yes, you can change your team size at any time during your subscription. You will be charged a pro rata fee for adding new users. You'll get a refund for removing users with your next payment.

Is my data secure?

Privacy and security are very important to us and we strive for industry-leading security practices. For more information about data security, visit our website and read our review on the Cloud Security Alliance website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.

What precautions does Moodtalk take for data security?

Moodtalk stores all data exclusively domestically. Our servers are operated in Switzerland and are located in highly secure, multi-certified data centers. These are certified in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard for information security. In addition, we carry out regular backups of your data.

By locating our servers in Switzerland, we ensure compliance with Swiss data protection regulations.

Are there special prices for non-profit or non-profit organizations?

Eligible NPOs receive a 30% discount on all Moodtalk pricing plans. It can be combined with our standard annual discount (15%) on the Starter and Business plans, giving you 40.5% off.

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