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In the insurance sector, Moodtalk stands out with its structured, continuous, and measurable approach to enhancing team dynamics, corporate culture, and employee well-being.

Tailored for the industry's specific needs, our AI-powered platform proactively tackles staff turnover and absences, fosters open communication within teams, and builds a future-ready corporate culture, setting the stage for attracting and retaining top talent.

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Revolutionising Team Empowerment in the Insurance Industry

Moodtalk brings a transformative approach to team engagement and collaboration within the insurance sector, combining AI-driven insights with real-time, structured feedback to empower teams and boost communication.

Outstanding team dynamics

Moodtalk significantly improves team cohesion and productivity, leading up to 30% increase in efficiency. The platform promotes an environment of open communication and continuous feedback, crucial for navigating the complex demands of the insurance industry. This enhanced teamwork is key to providing high-quality customer service and adapting to market changes.

Hign employee retention

Reduce turnover and absenteeism by over 20% with Moodtalk’s proactive team engagement software. Gain real-time insights into team morale and employee well-being, enabling early and proactive interventions. This ensures a stable, engaged, and committed workforce, crucial for maintaining consistent service quality and meeting the dynamic needs of the insurance sector.

Attractive work environment

Moodtalk's implementation showcases an insurance company's commitment to a progressive, employee-centric work environment. This aspect is a compelling argument in the recruitment process for attracting top talents who value forward-thinking and supportive workplaces.

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Data-based decisions

With up-to-date data, Moodtalk enables well-founded decisions regarding corporate culture. Moodtalk's unique early warning system enables proactive management of team dynamics and corporate culture. Moodtalk's measurable approach ensures efficient and targeted cultural development throughout the organization.

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Resilient organisational culture

Moodtalk enables insurance companies to future-proof their organisations by establishing an adaptable and resilient culture. A Speak Up Culture with a high level of psychological safety lays the basis for an open culture of error. This approach improves the ability of teams to adapt to market developments and emerging challenges and ensures that the organization is ahead of the competition when competing under high pressure.

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Healthy, efficient teams

Moodtalk promotes employee well-being and satisfaction through proactive collaboration and employee health initiatives. Through a structured, continuous, and measurable approach, Moodtalk increases team productivity by up to 30% and reduces absences by up to 20%. Satisfied, healthy employees are the basis for a high level of customer satisfaction in the insurance industry.

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Collective leadership development

Moodtalk offers a platform to establish a continuous and practice-relevant dialogue between managers. In targeted leadership circles, managers share their experiences of how they can solve challenges from everyday management. This format shows 2.5x higher commitment than traditional leadership development and promotes an organisational culture in which people learn from each other.

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Recruitment advantage

sMoodtalk establishes a modern organizational culture in which topics are discussed openly and efficient collaboration is ensured. These are two factors that are decisive competitive advantages in the battle for talent and set insurance companies apart from the competition. The job and working conditions are similar in all insurance companies, but their organisational culture makes the difference.


The structure of the team charter gives us clarity on roles and responsibilities and how we can actively improve the mood in the team.

Anne Bode, Division Lead, CSS

As a team, we have become more open, direct and honest and this has also had an effect beyond mood talk. Many topics are also addressed much more directly outside of mood talk.

René Schaufelbühl, Team Lead, CSS

With Moodtalk, we have communication much more structured and fixed than we had before.

Nadia Kubli, Team Lead, Sanitas Krankenversicherung

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Frequently asked questions

You can find the answers to your questions here. And if not, contact us directly.

What is the best way to get started?

When you sign up for Moodtalk, you start by creating the team charter and setting up the first mood talk. Moodtalk Support will help you set up with the necessary guidance and personal support if you have any questions. For advanced team development features, check out our Moodtalk Plus and Enterprise plans.

Can I change the team size?

Yes, you can change your team size at any time during your subscription. You will be charged a pro rata fee for adding new users. You'll get a refund for removing users with your next payment.

Is my data secure?

Privacy and security are very important to us and we strive for industry-leading security practices. For more information about data security, visit our website and read our review on the Cloud Security Alliance website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.

What precautions does Moodtalk take for data security?

Moodtalk stores all data exclusively domestically. Our servers are operated in Switzerland and are located in highly secure, multi-certified data centers. These are certified in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard for information security. In addition, we carry out regular backups of your data.

By locating our servers in Switzerland, we ensure compliance with Swiss data protection regulations.

Are there special prices for non-profit or non-profit organizations?

Eligible NPOs receive a 30% discount on all Moodtalk pricing plans. It can be combined with our standard annual discount (15%) on the Starter and Business plans, giving you 40.5% off.

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