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Welcome to Moodtalk!

We are passionate about transforming good teams into SUPERTEAMS!

The vision

Our vision is invested in cultivating a transformative future for organisational team culture- where teams are empowered and equipped to function as superteams. We believe that every team has the power to discover its' innate strengths and work together for ultimate success!

The mission

Our mission is to continue revolutionising team evolution! At Moodtalk, we move away from unstructured and fragmented initiatives to a systematic, connected, team-centric approach. We help teams find their unique rhythm, creating a space where identifying pertinent opportunities to reflect, talk, and care about teamwork becomes a priority. Our systematic and structured approach values team culture as much as technical excellence.

The outcome

We've developed the team empowerment platform for modern companies who value team culture and teamwork. Our innovative AI-supported platform highlights potential areas for team growth at an early stage. This serves as a basis for regular team discussions, transforming good teams into true SUPERTEAMS. Our AI-automation guarantees added value, giving team members the time and opportunity they need to invest in team culture and teamwork.

The story of Moodtalk

Introducing the visionary minds behind Moodtalk- our three co-founders: Jonas, Loris, and Cyril.

The pioneers of Moodtalk understand the difficulties of creating a dynamic team environment that fosters a 'speak-up culture'. Through years of experience in their respective fields, our co-founders discovered aspects of the unique nuances that left teams feeling despondent, frustrated, and unproductive. Convinced that a structured and continuous process can transform any team into a SUPERTEAM, Jonas, Loris, and Cyril pioneered a vision to help teams develop and cultivate a sustainable team culture.

This led to the strategic development of Moodtalk AG! Switzerland's largest team empowerment platform. Founded in 2021 in the canton of Uri, Moodtalk began empowering teams in January 2022. Fast forward to 2024, and Moodtalk is equipping over 50 organisations across four different language regions!

Are you ready to transform your team into a superteam? We are! Let's Moodtalk.

Moodtalk creates clarity and structure to turn good teams into Superteams!

Team Charter

Clear expectations accelerate progress. Shape a living charter that grows with you, ensuring alignment and clarity for high-performing teams.

A woman pointing at a team charter

Moodtalk Planner

Structured, clear and inspiring! Enhance team discussions with our one-click interactive planner tailored to the topics that matter to you.

A small group doing a moodtalk


Seamlessly prepare for team talks and gain quick mood insights while safeguarding anonymity. No more lengthy surveys, just concise insights.

Moodtalk dashboard

Early warning systems help eliminate organisational blind spots. Create and prioritise team-wide initiatives, moving beyond guesswork with our AI-powered data-driven solutions.

An office worker handing a file to a co-worker

Our team

Cyrill Inderbitzin

Lead Product

Loris Niederberger

Lead Business Development

Jonas Purtschert

Lead Technology

Marcel Lenz

Senior Solution Architect

Mara Huber

Founder's Associate - Customer Success (DACH)

Elodie Pons

Founder's Associate -Marketing & Customer Success (FR & IT)

Rasmus Belter

Head of Learning / Expert Team Development

Catherine Whitehead

Lead UX/UI Designer

Amber Dawsom

Product Designer

Advisory Board

Beat Fellman

CFO Valora & VR at Helvetia

Daniel Heller

VRP Kantonsspital Baden & Partner bei Farner

Sonia Sidhu

Former Mental Health Program Manager at Youtube

Hans Werner

Former Head of HR at Swisscom & President at Careum

Stefanie Hafner

Chief People & Culture Officer at Neoviso

Roland von Känel

Head of the Clinic for Consultative Psychiatry & Psychosomatics at Zurich University Hospital

Melanie Gabriel

Co-Founder & former CMO at Yokoy

Olaf Geuer

Group Head of Brand bei Swisscom

Trusted security and easy implementation with Moodtalk

ISO 27001-certified servers in Switzerland

Our servers, nestled in the heart of Switzerland, operate under stringent security measures and adhere to the internationally recognized ISO 27001 standard. Regular backups further fortify your data against any unforeseen events.

Swiss Data Protection Compliance

By choosing Switzerland for our data centers, we not only leverage their renowned security infrastructure but also align with the strict Swiss data protection regulations. This strategic location guarantees that your data is handled with the utmost care and discretion.

Identity Provider Integration

We offer the optional integration to your existing identity providers to streamline access management, ensuring secure and efficient entry for your team members. By integrating with systems you already trust, Moodtalk eliminates the hassle of managing multiple passwords and enhances your existing security protocols.


Beginning your journey with Moodtalk is as easy as plug and play. Our system is designed for immediate use, requiring no initial IT involvement. This straightforward approach means you can initiate Moodtalk effortlessly, without tapping into your IT budget.

Dedicated Support

Our experienced team is eager to engage with your Chief Security Officer or data security personnel to address any concerns or queries.

Moodtalk has over 4'000 users from diverse organisations

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We offer our solution for teams from various industries, functions and regions. We firmly believe that effective teamwork and a sustainable team culture should know no limits.

Let's Moodtalk!