Transforming Teamwork in the Energy Sector

Moodtalk solves critical challenges facing the energy sector, including employee retention, effective collaboration and resilient teams.

By integrating systematic team empowerment with advanced AI analytics, Moodtalk not only facilitates collaboration in a dynamic work environment, but also effectively reduces high turnover and absenteeism rates. This powerful combination improves team performance, safety and communication, while quickly integrating talent into the team - critical for success in this demanding and rapidly evolving industry.

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Energising Team Dynamics with Moodtalk

Moodtalk addresses the unique challenges in the energy sector, merging a systematic approach for team emwpoerment with AI-driven analytics. This combination boosts team performance, safety, and communication, essential for the industry's evolving landscape.

Early warning system

The Moodtalks and Moodchecks serve as a crucial early warning system, enabling energy companies to swiftly identify and address concerns like team stress or communication breakdowns.

Enhanced Communication

Moodtalk facilitates a culture of open dialogue and mutual feedback, which are key in complex energy operations where clear communication can prevent incidents and drive successful projects.

High employee retention

Utilising Moodtalk's proactive team engagement software, energy companies can significantly reduce turnover and absenteeism by over 20%. The platform provides essential real-time insights into team dynamics and employee well-being, enabling early and proactive interventions.

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Continuous Improvement and Safety Culture

Regular engagement with Moodtalk, including structured discussions and updating team charters, cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within energy companies. This practice not only aligns team activities with safety protocols but also ensures that teams are agile and adaptable to new technologies and methodologies, reinforcing a safety-first mindset across the organization.

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Aligning Teams with Organisational Objectives

Moodtalk aligns team efforts with broader organisational goals, such as sustainability, innovation, and safety in the energy sector. This alignment ensures that every team member understands their role in the company’s larger objectives, driving collective effort toward operational excellence and industry leadership.

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Building a Future-Proof Workforce

Moodtalk addresses the labour market challenges in the energy sector and the need for experts and long-term employees. The tools not only improve team dynamics, but also serve as a key element in recruitment, demonstrating a commitment to rapid integration and effective management in a demanding work environment. By promoting adaptability and resilience, Moodtalk ensures that the workforce remains competent and confident in the face of technological advances.

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Continuous Learning

Moodtalk increases the adaptability of the energy sector by promoting continuous skills development and the exchange of best practices. It creates a platform for discussing industry trends and technological changes and acts as a catalyst for identifying training needs. Moodtalk also facilitates knowledge sharing between teams and ensures that the workforce stays up to date with the latest safety and environmental standards to prepare them for current and future challenges.


The structure of the Team Charter gives us clarity on roles and responsibilities and how we can actively improve Mood in the team.

Anne Bode, Division Lead, CSS

Through the Team Charter, we are finally talking clearly about how we do things. This clarity is crucial to establishing a sustainable corporate culture.

Yannick Blättler, CEO, NEOVISO AG

With Moodtalk, we have much more structured and fixed communication than we had before.

Nadia Kubli, Team Leader, Sanitas Krankenversicherung

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get started?

When you sign up for Moodtalk, you start by creating the team charter and setting up the first mood talk. Moodtalk Support will help you set up with the necessary guidance and personal support if you have any questions. For advanced team development features, check out our Moodtalk Plus and Enterprise plans.

Can I change the team size?

Yes, you can change your team size at any time during your subscription. You will be charged a pro rata fee for adding new users. You'll get a refund for removing users with your next payment.

Is my data secure?

Privacy and security are very important to us and we strive for industry-leading security practices. For more information about data security, visit our website and read our review on the Cloud Security Alliance website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.

What precautions does Moodtalk take for data security?

Moodtalk stores all data exclusively domestically. Our servers are operated in Switzerland and are located in highly secure, multi-certified data centers. These are certified in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard for information security. In addition, we carry out regular backups of your data.

By locating our servers in Switzerland, we ensure compliance with Swiss data protection regulations.

Are there special prices for non-profit or non-profit organizations?

Eligible NPOs receive a 30% discount on all Moodtalk pricing plans. It can be combined with our standard annual discount (15%) on the Starter and Business plans, giving you 40.5% off.

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