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Moodtalk is the data-driven team empowerment platform that transforms your teams into true superteams to achieve your organisational goals.

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Discovery why over 50 organisations rely on Moodtalk to transform their teams into true

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Team development becomes measurable: Real-time data reveals how teams work together, which initiatives improve teamwork, and what impact these initiatives generate. As a result, teamwork challenges are solved 8x faster* than with conventional methods.
Employees take on responsibility: With Moodtalk, all employees are involved in the team development process and initiatives are developed and implemented directly in teams. These initiatives are over 10 times more effective* than top-down initiatives.
Conflicts are prevented: With Moodtalk, employees address their needs at an early stage and enable solutions to be implemented before it is too late. This proactive approach not only increases productivity by up to 30%* but also reduces staff turnover and absenteeism by more than 20%*.

*Data from current customer cases

Cultivate Exceptional Teamwork

Team Charter

Clear expectations accelerate progress. Shape a living charter that grows with you, ensuring alignment and clarity for high-performing teams.

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Quick and Smart Preparation

Moderation Planner

Structured, clear and inspiring! Enhance team discussions with our one-click interactive moderation planner tailored to the topics that matter to you.

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Seamless Transparency


Seamlessly prepare for team meetings and gain quick mood insights while safeguarding anonymity. No more lengthy surveys, just concise insights.

Why use Moodtalk?

Vs. Conventional methods

Teamwork challenges are solved 8x faster*

Potential increase

Productivity increase by teams using Moodtalk*

On average after 6 months

Reduction in staff turnover and absenteeism*

Get Clarity 8x Faster

Moodtalk Dashboard

Early warning systems help eliminate organisational blindspots. Create and prioritise team-wide initiatives, moving beyond guess work with our AI-powered data-driven solutions.

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Discover why over 50 organisations rely on Moodtalk

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With Moodtalk, we have become accustomed to talking openly, honestly and transparently about sensitivities and not just about facts and information.

Anne Bode, Head of Division, CSS

Moodtalk gave us a completely new perspective on cooperation issues and enabled us to take action early on.

Erich Steiner, CEO, first frame networkers ag

Moodtalk has helped us build a good basis on a good basis, which ensures open communication and good cooperation despite personnel changes in the team.

Nadia Kubli, Team Lead, Sanitas Krankenkasse

We no longer have to spend 30-60 minutes discussing with the team what the problems are and what concerns everyone, but can address these problems directly together and work out solutions.

Janine Rüfenacht, former Vice Director, Hotelfachschule Thun

Trusted security and easy implementation with Moodtalk

ISO 27001-certified servers in Switzerland

Our servers, nestled in the heart of Switzerland, operate under stringent security measures and adhere to the internationally recognized ISO 27001 standard. Regular backups further fortify your data against any unforeseen events.

Swiss Data Protection Compliance

By choosing Switzerland for our data centers, we not only leverage their renowned security infrastructure but also align with the strict Swiss data protection regulations. This strategic location guarantees that your data is handled with the utmost care and discretion.

Identity Provider Integration

We offer the optional integration to your existing identity providers to streamline access management, ensuring secure and efficient entry for your team members. By integrating with systems you already trust, Moodtalk eliminates the hassle of managing multiple passwords and enhances your existing security protocols.


Beginning your journey with Moodtalk is as easy as plug and play. Our system is designed for immediate use, requiring no initial IT involvement. This straightforward approach means you can initiate Moodtalk effortlessly, without tapping into your IT budget.

Dedicated Support

Our experienced team is eager to engage with your Chief Security Officer or data security personnel to address any concerns or queries.

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