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Early warning systems help eliminate organisational blind spots. Create and prioritise team-wide initiatives, moving beyond guesswork with our data-driven solutions.

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An early warning system for effective organisational management

The Moodtalk Dashboard provides an overview of which teamwork topics are important and which initiatives have the greatest impact. Moving away from guess work to measurable values.
Our dashboard is designed to help you recognise potential challenges in teamwork through a continuous early detection warning system.
Receive trends on teamwork, mood and employee retention early on, while complying with data protection and anonymity regulations.
The AI-powered analysis simplifies the interpretation of topics and trends, giving you the necessary overview of all ongoing initiatives.

Comprehensive Insights

Gain continuous clarity. The Moodtalk Dashboard is your central hub for all team development initiatives. It offers a holistic understanding of team dynamics and team development across the entire organisation. No more diving into complicated details- simplicity is the key.

Act Early

Don't wait until it's too late, instead respond early. Leaders can act quickly by using insights from different teams. This enables the early implementation of the most effective initiatives to ensure teamwork, satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Reliable Data

Say goodbye to the complexity of surveys. The Dashboard ensures a continuous flow of high-quality data, as it relies on information provided directly by team members. These data accurately reflect the mood and concerns of your team and are therefore precise and relevant.

Informed decisions

It's time for leaders to make informed decisions and move away from gut feelings and opinions. With the Moodtalk Dashboard, you can rely on concrete data to drive organisational improvements, especially when it comes to issues that can't be solved directly at team level.

The Moodtalk Dashboard is your key to successful teamwork. Rise above the challenges through our early warning system and measure the impact of team development initiatives.

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Read more about the success stories

Moodtalk offers us an opportunity in certain situations to provide a structure and a vessel, but also data, to show how things are changing and how we can do things better when working together.

Anne Bode, Division Lead, CSS

Moodtalk has given us a completely new perspective on collaboration issues and enabled us to take action at an early stage.

Erich Steiner, CEO, first frame networkers ag

With Moodtalk, I can also see issues that we cannot change directly, but which I can regularly pass on to the top. This always really makes a difference and we improve step by step as an organization.

Nadia Kubli, Team Lead, Sanitas Krankenversicherung

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