Team Charter

Clear expectations accelerate progress. Shape a living charter that grows with you, ensuring alignment and clarity for high-performing teams.

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Superteams are characterised by clarity and alignment

Establish rules of cooperation from day 1, ensuring each team member is actively engaged and involved.
Continuously monitor compliance with these rules to respond at an early stage.
Introduce new rules at an early stage to proactively tackle challenges.

Your go-to guide for clear communication and understanding

The Team Charter is more than just a document, it's a collective agreement that spells out your team's rules and expectations. And here's the magic, everyone helps shape it! This fosters openness, ensuring everyone understands the Team Charter, and agrees with how the team operates. It's easy to access, visible to all and it promotes a unified understands of your team's functions.

Don't just talk about rules- inspire commitment

Moodtalk's Team Charter isn't about following orders; it's about igniting a deeper sense of ownership and dedication. When your team actively takes part in setting the rules, they're personally invested in making it a success. This commitment empowers them to proactively make teamwork better, solve problems together, and drive your team towards success like never before.

Sprich nicht nur über Regeln, sondern rege Engagement an

Bei der Team Charta geht es nicht darum, Befehle zu befolgen, sondern darum, ein tieferes Gefühl der Verantwortung und des Engagements zu wecken. Wenn deine Teams aktiv an der Festlegung der Regeln teilnimmt, sind sie persönlich an deren Erfolg beteiligt. Dieses Engagement befähigt sie, die Teamarbeit proaktiv zu verbessern, Probleme gemeinsam zu lösen und Ihr Team zum Erfolg zu führen wie nie zuvor.

The Team Charter is the at the basis for successful teamwork and increased employee loyalty.

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Read more about the success stories

The structure of the Team Charter gives us clarity on roles and responsibilities and how we can actively improve Mood in the team.

Anne Bode, Division Lead, CSS

Through the Team Charter, we are finally talking clearly about how we do things. This clarity is crucial to establishing a sustainable corporate culture.

Yannick Blättler, CEO, NEOVISO AG

With Moodtalk, we have much more structured and fixed communication than we had before.

Nadia Kubli, Team Lead, Sanitas Krankenversicherung

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