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Structured, clear and inspiring! Enhance team discussions with our one-click interactive planner tailored to the topics that matter to you.

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Simplify your preparation for team discussions

As a team leader, you're enthusiastic about enhancing team discussions, but you're faced with a significant challenge. The need for more frequent, impactful team talks clashes with the lack of preparation time and uncertainty about crafting relevant questions. Introducing Moderation Planner: the solution to streamline your team discussions and make preparation a breeze.
Effortless, time-saving, and structured. With one click our AI-powered Moodtalk Planner instantly elevates your team discussions, providing structure and enhanced productivity.
Preparation specifially designed for moderating the team discussion. Use trusted methods to activate your team and lead an open and engaged conversation.
Each team is unique, however we identify common patterns. Get inspiration from over 3,000 Moodtalks on how to lead team discussions constructively and with purpose.
Ask effective questions
Moderation just got simpler. The Moodtalk Planner offers a one-click question generation feature, saving moderators valuable time and effort. No more wracking your brain for the right questions- it provides contextually relevant, ready made questions based on team members' input and insights from past Moodtalk sessions.
Tailored discussions for team success
Flexibility that works for you. The Moodtalk Guide adapts to your team's unique dynamics and objectives. It empowers moderators to customise discussions, ensuring they align with diverse team goals. Whether your team aims for innovation, productivity, or simply better communication, the Moodtalk Guide molds itself to fit your needs.

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The Moodtalk Planner greatly simplifies meeting preparation and enables me to prepare the Moodtalk with just one click.

Nadia Kubli, Teym Lead, Sanitas Krankenversicherung

We no longer have to spend 30-60 minutes as a team discussing what the problems are and what is bothering everyone, but can tackle these problems directly together and work out solutions.

Janine Rüfenacht, Former Vice Director, Hotelfachschule Thun

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