Seamlessly prepare for team talks and gain quick mood insights while safeguarding anonymity. No more lengthy surveys, just concise insights.

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Elevate team communication with Moodcheck

Your team should share their thoughts openly, but you often only hear the loud voices? We know how important open communication is. That's why we introduced the Moodcheck- the tool that facilitates the way your team interacts.
Bypass lengthy surveys and hours of 1-on-1s. Gain continuous insight into what's on your team's mind and important focus topics for the meeting.
Ensure every team meeting is productive and valuable. Engage your team for better preparation and contribution, while optimising time efficiency.
Evaluate if decisions and initiatives from the last meeting have been implemented. Get complete transparency on how you are developing as a team.

Nurture a "speak up culture"

The Moodcheck is more than just a feature, it's the guardian of open communication. It offers a secure space where teams can express their thoughts and concerns freely, while safeguarding anonymity. No more fear of judgment or hesitation– now is the time to cultivate a "speak up culture" within your team.

Built for transparency

Transparency is the basis for trust and the Moodcheck ensures precisely this transparency. "Why didn't you say that earlier?" is a thing of the past, as transparency is now created in a structured and continuous manner. It's a level playing field for everyone, ensuring that every voice is heard.

Effortless Feedback Gathering

Gathering feedback has never been this painless. Team members can effortlessly provide their input through a concise, four-question assessment that takes just three minutes to complete. It's a simple process that keeps the lines of communication open and ensures that you're always in the know about your team's thoughts and sentiments.

Moodcheck is the basis for building an open, transparent and speak up team.

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Read more about the success stories

Because we can see the changes in the team transparently, we can also discuss why this is the case and what has changed.

Anne Bode, Division Lead, CSS

The result of Moodtalk is that teams work together much more effectively and efficiently and a space is created in which topics are discussed that were not previously addressed.

Fabian Blöchliger, Co-Founder, Sevensense Robotics

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